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The coronavirus: These are the effects for Caverion Norway and our customers


Dear customer.


As a nationwide technical contractor with 50 locations Caverion Norway has several assignments and functions that are described as critical for the society by the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB). These critical functions must be maintained at any time.


Among these are the supply of drinking water, sewage, energy supplies, the maintenance of electronic communication services and fire protection. They also include maintenance and operations of buildings that are critical to society, such as hospitals, care centers, prisons, institutions, grocery stores, kindergartens and schools and infrastructure such as airports, subways and railways.


In addition to ensuring these critical functions for the society, Caverion has great responsibility as an employer. Our society is in crisis, and a result of this is massive layoffs for several thousand employees in different businesses all over the country. We must protect as many jobs that we can – without compromising on the protective measures of limiting the spread of the coronavirus.


As many as a quarter of the employees in Norway work in the building and construction industry, we are talking about nearly 360 000 people. If you have offices or buildings that now are empty because the employees are working from home, we can perform both maintenance and rehabilitation much faster than if there were people at work in the buildings. As always at Caverion, safety is first. Because of this, we have introduced several protective measures to secure both the employees and society in general, and at the same time protecting our employees' jobs.


In order to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus disease Caverion has implemented the following measures:


  • Only employees who are in good health will be working on location or at the offices. They will bring their own packed lunch. There will be strict hygiene measures regarding service cars, workwear etc.
  • A crisis team with daily meetings is deployed.
  • We have implemented training in protective measures and put up posters about protective measures in all departments and projects.
  • Our technicians will take extra care on all service visits, e.g. using disposable gloves over protective gloves and disinfecting tools between customers
  • Full stop on all air travels except travels that are absolutely critical. These travels must be approved by the Norwegian Head of Division.
  • All internal physical meetings, training and workshops are cancelled.
  • Antibac is in place in every department.
  • The Head of Division sends updates to all personnel by SMS.
  • All employees who have the opportunity are encouraged to work from home
  • An internal information page about the coronavirus disease outbreak is established, with continuous updates, internal measures and recommendations from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH/FHI).


Caverion is continuously monitoring the situation and will take the necessary steps to reduce the risks for transmitting and spreading the infection. In cooperation with our customers Caverion will do our utmost to find good solutions in the time to come.


For further information, please contact Director of Business Development, Roar Andersen: Telephone +47 908 30 310 or e-mail: roar.andersen@caverion.com


Best regards

Knut Gaaserud

Executive Vice President

Caverion Norge AS



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For further information, please contact Director of Business Development, Roar Andersen: Telephone +47 908 30 310 or e-mail: roar.andersen@caverion.com
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