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Customer information regarding Caverion's anti-corona



Caverion is committed to protecting employees, customers and the society against further spreading of the corona virus. In addition to following the recommendations of The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) a number of internal measures have also been implemented.


To prevent the spread of the virus, Caverion Norway has among other actions done the following:

  • Banned all air-travel for all employees
  • Cancelled all internal gatherings, trainings and meetings
  • Informed employees about the importance of hand washing and correct behavior to not spread the virus
  • Installed antibac in all branches
  • Sent SMS with info from the Norwegian Head of Division to all employees
  • Deployed a corona crisis team and appointed a security officer for this team
  • All employees who have the opportunity are encouraged to work from home
  • Established own internal information page for updates on the corona virus, with continuous updating of internal measures and recommendations from FHI


Measures if the pandemic has consequences for the execution of contracts:

Many projects and contracts can suffer if the pandemic develops further. Together with the individual customer, Caverion will do its utmost to find good solutions.


If, due to the coronavirus, challenges arise where Caverion is prevented from fulfilling its obligations under the contract, Caverion will assess whether this constitutes a force majeure situation which will entitle Caverion the right  to an extension of time.

In such a situation, it is imperative that the parties, through joint cooperation, prevent and mitigate the adverse effects and try to agree on what measures should be taken.


Caverion is following up the production and capacity at our departments. This is to continuously monitor the situation and to do our best to take necessary steps to mitigate the consequences should the above-mentioned problem become relevant. Caverion will i.a consider the possibility of exchanging available staff from other departments if there are challenges with personnel in a department that may be affected.

Your contact person in Caverion will contact you should this problem arise.

If you would like further information on how Caverion relates to the spread of the Corona virus, contact Roar Andersen, Director of Business Development: +47 908 30 310 or e-mail: roar.andersen@caverion.com


With best regards

Knut Gaaserud

Administrerende direktør

Caverion Norge AS


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For further information, contact Roar Andersen, Director of Business Development: +47 908 30 310 or e-mail: roar.andersen@caverion.com
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