Valio, Vantaa, Finland

Partnership between Valio and Caverion started in 1990 when Norstep Ltd was established. Norstep is a company acquired by Caverion. 

Maintenance partnership with Valio Vantaa was signed at 1997. Good co-operation between Valio and Caverion has been the core success factor from the beginning. Caverion Industria participated in transfer of production facilities from Jämsä to factory in Vantaa in 1997.

Valio is Finland's biggest milk processor, producing 85% of Finland's milk products.


  • Teknisk service og vedlikehold
  • Managed Services


  • Industri og prosessanlegg
  • Varme og sanitær
  • IKT og AV
  • Ventilasjon og klimaanlegg
  • Sikkerhet
  • Kjøling
  • Elektro
  • Automasjon


  • Industri
  • Næringsmiddelindustrien



The process of cheese spread is challenging - factory produces a large variety of products with 15 production lines. Factory has lot of machines and devices that require constant maintenance. Main development targets are reliability, productivity and safety.


Caverion provides to Valio professional mechanics that work in two shifts.
Productivity and preventive work safety are the key elements in all procedures


Real estate maintenance was outsourced to Caverion 1995, production maintenance year 1997.

Facts about the agreement

Caverion service fee is dependent on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). This model encourages both parties to work together for maximized productivity. 

Facts about Caverion's services

  • Real estate and production maintenance
  • Staff: 6 managers, 22 mechanics in production and 4 mechanics in the facility. 
  • Project services provided according to customer needs with separate request