Triotto Office Building, Helsinki, Finland

Triotto is a continuation for the neighbouring Duetto Business Park. Triotto currently containts offices of DNA and Fingrid. It was completed in 2012 and is located in Helsinki, near the railway station of Käpylä. Triotto offers services, such as reception, staff restaurant and gym. It has lots of parking space and is easily accessible by public transportation. Building is certified for LEED Gold.


  • Design and Engineering


  • IKT og AV
  • Ventilasjon og klimaanlegg
  • Sikkerhet
  • Varme og sanitær
  • Elektro
  • Kjøling
  • Automasjon


  • Hovedentreprenører - Byggentreprenører
  • Eiendomsinvestorer og utviklere
  • Hovedentreprenører



  • High security control rooms for tenant
  • Data Center redundancies
  • Indoor conditions handling in high utility rate call center
  • Energy comsumption management


  • Caverion has done  Design & Engineering of Triotto. We have delivered total technical solutions and are responsible of the planning and assembly works.
  • LuxCool suspended ceiling element used in the building. LuxCool contains all technical elements including LED lighting.
  • Responsibility: Five year Guarantee for Energy consumption level and system functionality




Facts about the building

  • Total floor space 16,000 m²
  • 1st phase completed in summer 2012, 2nd phase in autumn 2012

Facts about Caverion's services

District heating, total connection power 1st phase 690 kW, 2nd phase 550 kW. Main heating system, combined cooling and heating beams,LuxCool. Entrance are heating system is radiant floor heating.


Plumbing and sewage
Buildings are connected to municipal water and sewage network. Sewage and rain water will be pumped through the cellar pump station

Fire-extinguishing system
Both buildings are equipped with quick fire hydrants. No sprinkler system.

Smoke exhaust
On upper floors handled with natural ventilation and in the basement floors with sufficiently open walls and ceiling

Design values: Office area airflow 2,0 l/s/m². Meeting rooms, demand based ventilation airflow 4-5 l/s/m². Restaurant area airflow 6l/s/m². Air handling units: Specific fan power target 2,0 kW/s/m³/s. Total airflow A-building: 19.1 dm³/s, B-building 15.5 dm³/s. Total units 9 pc. Heat recovery system in office area uses rotating exchanger with overall efficiency of 75%. Heat recovery system in technical area, toilets and storage area uses plate exchanger with overall efficiency of 60%. 

Supply air is cooled in air handling units. Room specific cooling done by cooling beams. Cooled water for building A will be obtained from water cooling machine in the basement and liquid cooler in the parking hall. Cooling machine in building B will be in ventilation room and liquid coolers on the roof. If outside temperature is below +8...10 °C, cooling systems works by free cooling method. Cooling total power A-building 630 kW, B-building 650 kW.

Building automation
Caverion Automation system