Technip Offshore, Finland

Technip offers the most advantageous construction technology to its customers and experienced subcontractors are utilised to maximise company’s cost efficiency. Caverion and Technip Offshore Finland have started cooperation approx. 15 years ago with prefabrication and installation of piping of several spar projects. Caverion have also delivered riser bends and prefabrication for other offshore projects which have been constructed at Technip Pori (eg. Total’s Pazzflor project).

Technip Offshore Finland is a project management and construction company focusing on offshore construction projects installed all over the world.


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Technip’s quality targets have been set to meet the highest standards available in the industry. In this project Caverion bend by induction bending method demanding cold resistant materials with large bending radius.


  • With decades of experience, Caverion’s customers can rely in the implementation of challenging solutions.
  • Prefabrication makes project management and time scheduling easier and reduces installation work. The optimal manufacturing environment and wide procedure tests also improve quality.
  • Years

    Year 2013. After year 2000 we have delivered similar pipes to over ten prefabrications and installations of offshore pipes for spars. 

    Facts about the facility

  • Lucius Spar is situated in the Gulf of Mexico where depth of the water is over 2,100 meters.
  • At the production phase Lucius Spar -oil rig will produce 80,000 barrels of oil and approx. 42 million cubic meters of gas daily.
  • Lucius Spar -oil rig is 184 meters long and its diameter is 33.5 meters, and it weights approx. 23,000 tons.
  • Facts about Caverion's solutions

  • Overall pipe deliveries and induction bends.
  • Pipe prefabrications and pull tubes all together 250 tons.
  • Working hours on prefabrications was 12,000 hours and in installation 30,000 hours.
  • 12,000
    working hours on prefabrication

    working hours in installation

    250 tons
    of pipe prefabrications and pull tubes