• PVO-Vesivoima

PVO-Vesivoima, Hydropower plants, Finland

Caverion is responsible for the operation and maintenance of PVO-Vesivoima’s hydropower plants at Iijoki (Raasakka, Maalismaa, Kierikki, Pahkakoski and Haapakoski) and Kemijoki (Isohaara and Jumisko).

Pohjolan Voima’s production capacity consists of 31 power plants across Finland. The company produces approximately 20 per cent of all electricity consumed in Finland. Pohjolan Voima’s energy production is based on raw-materials such as water, uranium, wood, peat, agrobiomass, solid recovered fuels, coal, natural gas and oil.

PVO-Vesivoima is the owner or co-owner of twelve hydropower plants in Finland at Iijoki, Kemijoki, Kokemäenjoki and Tengeliönjoki. The combined electricity output of these plants amounts to 509 megawatts, of which Pohjolan Voima’s share is 443 megawatts.


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  • To achieve maintenance cost efficiency.
  • To ensure high usability of hydropower plants.
  • To expand and increase hydropower expertise in northern Finland and ensure that there will be enough hydropower experts in varying workloads.
  • To cause people to adopt safe working methods.
  • Solutions

  • Caverion ensures the maintenance cost efficiency and usability of PVO-Vesivoima’s hydropower plants.
  • The know-how and expertise of the personnel is developed through Caverion’s service centre network in northern Finland in order to ensure that there will be competent employees in the future as well.
  • Flexible use of a service network focused on hydropower know-how ensures cost-efficient maintenance for the client.
  • Identifying and developing special expertise areas for particular types of client segments increases the cost efficiency of operations and brings added value to other client segments as well.
  • Implementation of Caverion’s preemptive work safety model.
  • Year

    Cooperation started in September 2013.

    Information about the sites


  • Raasakka power plant outputs 64 megawatts of power. It has a fall height of 21 metres. It is the largest of Iijoki power plants, measured by output power.
  • Maalismaa power plant outputs 39 megawatts of power. The fall height is 18.3 metres.
  • Kierikki power plant outputs 38 megawatts of power and has a fall height of 18.2 metres.
  • Pahkakoski power plant outputs 43 megawatts of power and has a fall height of 20.5 metres.
  • Haapakoski power plant outputs 33 megawatts of power with a fall height of 16 metres.
  • Kemijoki

  • Isohaara power plants output a total of 113 megawatts of power. The fall height is 12.2 metres.
  • Jumisko power plant outputs 26 megawatts of power with a fall height of 96 metres.
  • Information about Caverion’s solutions

  • Operation and maintenance for Iijoki and Kemijoki hydropower plants.
  • About 30 hydropower experts working at PVO-Vesivoima power plants.
  • ~30
    hydropower experts

    cooperation started