Outokumpu, Tornio, Finland

Caverion and Outokumpu have cooperated for a long time with project and daily maintenance works. The big co-operation project with Caverion and Outokumpu was the F3-project Ferrochrome plant. F3 project included building of the new ferrochrome plant in Tornio. After complete project execution, Outokumpu plans to double its ferrochrome production to 530 000 tons by 2015. The construction work of F3-project was started in 2010 and the production was started in November 2012.

Outokumpu is the global leader of high performance stainless steel. Outokumpu is also ferrochrome supplier for both internal and external customers. Outokumpu produces stainless steel in Finland, Sweden, England, USA and Germany. In Finland Outokumpu has the most integrated stainless steel plant in the world and also the ferrochrome production is located in the town of Tornio. 


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  • Time of delivery was key importance to Outokumpu.
  • Narrow and limited hauling rotes for installation materials and equipment (high-rise building with five floors, total high 75 meters).
  • Storage areas for installation materials and equipment at area of running steel mill (long distance from storage area to site).

  • Solution

  • The installation scope increased and changed significantly during the installation period. This was solved by using Caverion’s own wide recourses in close internal co-operation and also skilled, familiar subcontracting.
  • High prefabrication rate in three Caverion’s separate workshops was used for shortening lead-time and reducing needed manpower and supervision at site.
  • Added warehouse and hauling personnel as well as multifunctional transport vehicles for material handling.
  • Timely and careful pre-planning for material transports and hauling.

  • Year

    Execution period 2011-2012 

    Facts about Caverion’s solutions

  • Caverion executed pipe, equipment, electrification and instrumentation installations on the five different floor levels of the new smelter building.
  • Caverion assembled 300 tons of equipment and machines both prefabricated and installed 16 kilometers pipes and ducts.
  • Peak manpower at site was 150 people (incl. mechanical, electrification and instrumentation manpower).
  • Total working hours 130 000 hours.