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Orion Corporation, Finland

Orion Corporation is a Finnish pharmaceutical company developing, manufacturing and marketing pharmaceuticals to humans and animals, active pharmaceutical ingredients and diagnostic tests. Caverion is responsible for the maintenance and scheduled maintenance of Orion’s facilities in Espoo, Turku, Salo and Kuopio.


  • Teknisk service og vedlikehold
  • Managed Services


  • Automasjon
  • Ventilasjon og klimaanlegg
  • Kjøling
  • Varme og sanitær
  • Elektro
  • Industri og prosessanlegg
  • Sikkerhet


  • Annen industri
  • Industri
  • Eiendomsbrukere - Private helsetjenester
  • Eiendomsbrukere



  • Orion has various facilities, the maintenance of which require expertise.
  • The wish was to outsource the maintenance of the facilities to a company that has as diverse knowledge in the field as possible.
  • Solutions

  • With the outsourcing, 22 employees were transferred to Caverion.
  • The service agreement includes scheduled maintenance of building systems, construction technology, minor repairs and modernisations as well as maintenance of building systems.
  • The premises have been linked to Caverion’s facility control room. In addition, HVACE standby service is included in the contract.
  • Disciplines: Heating and Sanitation, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Cooling, Electricity, Safety, Automation
  • Lifespan: 2009 - 2015
  • The total area of the premises covered by the maintenance is approximately 200,000 m²
  • 200,000 m²
    the total area of the premises covered by the maintenance