Okmetic, Vantaa, Finland

Okmetic’s silicon wafers form a part of a processing chain with end results that improve the interaction between people and their quality of life. The company has factories in Vantaa and Texas, USA. The company was founded in 1985 and is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. 

The technology company Okmetic delivers silicon wafers customised to meet customers’ needs to the semiconductor industry and to sensor production, in particular. The company also sells its technological expertise. Okmetic is a global market leader in manufacturing sensor wafers and a technological pioneer in the industry. The company’s products are based on top-quality technological knowledge, innovative product development and an efficient production process creating extra value for the customer. 


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The production process of silicon wafers is challenging and the equipment represents high-quality technology. The factory has various machines and devices that require continuous maintenance in order to guarantee high quality. The main development targets include the realisation of scheduled maintenance and continuous content development as well as reliability and productivity. 


Caverion’s professional maintenance technicians work mainly in two shifts. Each technician has their own limited responsibility for equipment and the technicians take care of the scheduled maintenance of their own equipment independently, i.e. malfunction repairs and spare part orders. 
The realisation of scheduled maintenance is monitored together on a daily basis in every morning’s production meetings in which daily work tasks are prioritised according to the production flow.  
In addition, the precautionary safety at work plays a key role in all operations. 


The maintenance of Okmetic’s factory in Vantaa was outsourced to Caverion in 2006. 

Information about the contract

Caverion’s fee depends on the realisation of the targeted total cost of maintenance. The contract covers the entire factory and includes both production and facility maintenance. 

Information about Caverion’s services

  • Caverion’s employees at the factory: one Unit Manager, two Supervisors and 19 maintenance technicians in production and in facility maintenance.
  • Regular vibration measurements and thermal imaging of condition monitoring carried out by Caverion’s service centre.
  • Project and development services are implemented based on the customer’s demand and when ordered separately.