Nuclear Power Plant, Forsmark, Sweden

Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant is located in Forsmark on the east coast of Sweden. The site is also the repository of radioactive nuclear waste. The plant is operated by Vattenfall which is also the majority owner.


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Changing security systems in any facility with all operations ongoing is always a challenge, and even more when the facility is a nuclear power plant. Both the customer and the Swedish Radiation Safety Authorities placed great demands on planning and implementation of the project. The supplier was requested to present detailed plans about the project implementation.


Caverion performed security system installations at Forsmark nuclear power plant. The delivery included design, commissioning and installation of a new integrated security system in the buildings belonging to Forsmark nuclear power plant.

The project included safety equipment in an advanced security platform with functions as access control, biometric access control, administration of access control, intrusion alarm, IP-based video surveillance, central alarm station and security network in the area. The project was executed with Caverion`s integrated security platform which enable integration with existing and future facilities and systems.


The project started in year 2005 and was completed in year 2012. Since then, Caverion’s commitment has been widen to an agreement covering management, maintenance and advice in technical safety issues.

Building facts

Forsmark is one of Sweden's three nuclear power plants. The power plant's three reactors produced more than 25 000 gigawatt hours (GWh) in year 2013.

Facts about Caverion's solutions

  • Approximately 300 door environments with card readers, 50 biometric readers
  • 10 000 access cards
  • 2 000 alarm sensors
  • 400 cameras
  • 650 connections in the safety network
  • 2 workplaces for maintenance
  • Integration of third party systems
  • 10 000
    access cards