• Forchem

Forchem, Rauma, Finland

Forchem biorefinery is a modern and highly efficient biorefinery in Rauma, Finland. It started operations in 2002. The refinery in Rauma is quite unique: there are only a couple of tall oil refineries in the entire world. The distillation capacity of the plant is approximately 175,000 tonnes.

Forchem is the most modern biorefinery in Europe and the global market leader in its field, refining tall oil for the chemical industry to be further processed into specialty products. In addition, Forchem produces biofuels for energy production, as well as raw material for transport fuels. The company’s customers include several leading chemical, energy and wood-processing companies in almost all European countries.


  • Teknisk service og vedlikehold
  • Managed Services


  • Industri og prosessanlegg
  • Ventilasjon og klimaanlegg
  • Varme og sanitær
  • Elektro
  • Industrirør
  • Kjøling
  • Automasjon


  • Kjemisk, petrokjemisk, olje- og gassrelatert industri
  • Industri



  • A strict requirement for a high production efficiency.
  • Ecological values are very important to the company and this imposes requirements on Caverion’s operations as well.
  • The refinery uses unconventional technology, so Caverion’s employees need to constantly update their expertise. 
  • The unusual piping and equipment material requires a lot of advance planning because the material has limited availability and long delivery times.
  • Occupational safety in a challenging industrial environment due to the high temperature and chemicals flowing in the pipes.
  • Pipes must be continuously heated because some of the products will solidify upon cooling down.
  • Solutions

  • Caverion has been involved from day one, and is responsible for the overall management, coordination and administration of maintenance.
  • Processibility and proactive safety measures play a key role in all operations.
  • Caverion takes care of maintenance services, electrical automation, equipment maintenance and planned preventive maintenance, including materials purchases.
  • Year

  • The maintenance partnership started at the construction phase in 2002.


  • Information about Caverion’s services

  • Six maintenance people work at the refinery in daily maintenance related to electrical automation and process maintenance, among other things.
  • Caverion is also actively involved in expansion projects.
  • Forchem wishes to keep its own personnel to a minimum, so nearly all employees work for Caverion.
  • Caverion is also responsible for the supervision of other service providers.
  • 2002
    the maintenance partnership started

    175,000 tonnes the distillation capacity of the plant