Cryo AB

Sweden’s first LNG terminal is located in Nynäshamn, nearby Nynas AB’s refinery. The facility consists of a jetty, a 22 000 m³ storage tank, process equipment and loading areas for trucks.

Condensed natural gas is called LNG (Lique­fied Natural Gas). At -162 °C natural gas is condensed to liquid, while the volume beco­mes 600 times smaller. Natural gas replaces oil and gas as fuel for industry and shipping and is from the energy point of view the same as biogas. Natural gas can be considered the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel, because it has the lowest CO₂ emissions per unit of energy and little or no sulfur.

Caverion has awarded a number of contracts as a main subcontractor in several projects.

Cryo AB is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cryogenic equipment for the storage, transportation and handling of liquefied gases. As part of the Linde Engineering Division, Cryo AB combines over 50 years’ experience with advanced technologies to the benefits of its customers. The expertise scales across the entire handling chain – from certified tanks through storage stations to full-blown LNG terminals.


  • Prosjektgjennomføring
  • Design and Engineering
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  • Industri og prosessanlegg
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  • Nynäshamn’s LNG-tank was Caverion’s first over 10.000 m³ tank with new materials.
  • The project had a tight schedule.
  • Weather conditions nearby the sea are hard.
  • Work scope was increased.


  • Spool prefabrication was maximized to save work load at site.
  • Fabrication in indoor facilities enabled effective and safe working.
  • Increase and modifications in scope of work was handled with Caverion’s large buffer of white and blue collar personnel.
  • Caverion worked in Lysekil with zero lost days due to accident.
  • Total man-hours
    • Nynäshamn ~45.500 hours
    • Lysekil ~80.000 hours
  • Total delivery in meters
    • Nynäshamn ~5 km
    • Lysekil ~8 km
  • Dimension of the tank in Nynäshamn
    • Dimension 36 mtrs/34 mtrs
    • Height 29 mtrs/27 mtrs
  • Optimized planning of material flow helped us keeping the small stocking area at site tidy and feeding up to erection levels easy.
  • Schedule

    Nynäshamn 2009–2010 and Lysekil 2013-2014

    Information about Caverion services

    • Caverion can act as an EPC-contractor using its own engineering resources added with international sub-contractors, international supply chain, large fabrication yards with modern working methods together with large erection (site supervision) team
    • One of the biggest players in mechanical projects in Europe together with FOB deliveries all over the world
    • Caverion started LNG-projects already in 1993-1997 when four (4) LNG-carriers were delivered to Abu-Dhabi (ADNOC)

    22 000 m³
    storage tank

    in Nynäshamn 

    in Lysekil