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BITĖ Lietuva, Lithuania

BITĖ Lietuva is one of the leading mobile operators in Lithuania. The company provides full mobile services all over the country including the fastest 4G / 4G + network focused on promoting mobile Internet speed and quality of service for Business and Private Users. 

“The global independent leader in measuring internet speed Ookla (www.speedtest.net) has officially confirmed that BITĖ’s 4G mobile internet is the fastest in Lithuania“ -BITĖ Lietuva press release 10/01/2016

BITĖ Group is one of the biggest telco groups in the Baltics. By being a trusted Vodafone partner with its solid experience in the dynamic telco market, investments and a team of more than 500 professionals, BITĖ ensures modern, high-quality and customer-friendly services for its clients. Today there are more than 1 million BITĖ’s customers base.


  • Teknisk service og vedlikehold
  • Design and Engineering
  • Prosjektledelse
  • Prosjektgjennomføring
  • Rådgivning


  • Elektro
  • Ventilasjon og klimaanlegg
  • IKT og AV


  • IKT
  • Industri


The Challenge

Communications sector is one of the most advanced and dynamic sectors of economy, which is based on rapid development of information technology. Products created and developed in this sector essentially change the needs of residents and businesses.

BITĖ Lietuva is forerunner in combining latest technologies and service quality. High quality standards and experience is obligatory for installation and maintenance services of existing and new mobile base stations provided by Caverion.

The Solution

48 employees of Caverion Telecommunications department in Lithuania provides services for BITĖ Lietuva: installation of telco equipment, majority high-climbing related works (electrical, radio, power, civil works), Projects design production, Ware-house services.

Caverion is also responsible for technical maintenance of air-conditioning systems in almost all BITĖ Lietuva sites.

Facts about contract

  • 4G/4G+ installations
  • Transmission and Engineering
  • The cooperation continuously has been developed since 2002
  • Advanced Technologies

    Fastest Mobile Network in Lithuania