Installation & Maintenance Services for Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) rely on partners with national and international service delivery capability in order to provide certified installation services for customers using your equipment, as well as perform warrantee maintenance.



Keep your chargers operating smoothly with a certified partner

A valued installation and maintenance partner has the necessary technical expertise to properly install and maintain equipment to ensure that the chargers are available and operating properly, during and after the warranty period. We make sure that our experts have the necessary certifications, and work with equipment manufacturers to provide insights and market-tested knowledge about the equipment's performance and potential maintenance issues, which helps to minimize downtime and support development. 


We work with equipment manufacturers to provide you with valuable feedback about your equipment from those who install and maintain it. 

By analyzing patterns in repairs, you are able to identify design flaws or other issues that can be addressed to improve your customer experience. 

Being able to offer installation and maintenance or repair work throughout the country (and even cross-border) means you can expect the same high-quality service from us regardless of location, and makes the logistics for spare parts much easier. This service capability plays a role in what charging equipment customers select.

Our experienced professionals are trained and certified to the original equipment manufacturer's (OEMs) criteria for the installation and maintenance work required. 

Ove Kjelby
Ove Kjelby
Sales Manager, eMobilitet

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