eMobility for automobile manufacturers and car dealerships

Automobile manufacturers and dealerships require eMobility and efficient charging solutions as sales volumes of electric cars increase.

Established and market-tested solutions for dealerships

eMobility services for car brands and dealership locations need to be carefully considered. It is important to select a partner capable of uniform installation in all locations, as well as remote monitoring and maintenance, as well as training for personnel.

Sales of electric vehicles continue to grow, and charging infrastructure must grow to meet demand. It is important to evaluate how much equipment can be installed with dynamic load balancing, and evaluate if upgrades may be required to the buliding or facility. The target must be to ensure there are enough chargers to allow business  to run smoothly, keeping vehicles charged and ready for test drives or delivery.

Brand is probably the single largest factor influencing a customer's purchase decision.

We ensure that the charging equipment, from the branding on the actual chargers, to the charging experince in the dealership, strengthens your brand reputation. 

The entire experience for personnel and visitors to the dealership is a high priority for us. To ensure the least amount of disruption to your business, especially during installation and/or maintenance, means we prioritise open and transparent dialogue. 

For end-users, charging-related concerns can be a purchase barrier. By making sure the user experience at the dealership is nicely designed, and by supporting them by thoughtfully answering their questions, the charging-related purchase barrier can be lowered or even eliminated. We support your personnel by providing training in all aspects of EV charging, tailored to your needs. 

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Design and installation plan for all locations

  • Easy to rollout
  • Brand consistent
  • High speed to market
  • Easily adjustable to accommodate local needs
  • Service, maintenance & 24/7 remote monitoring
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Training & education for sales support

  • By training your employees, we help them tackle frequently asked questions from customers about EV charging, which helps customers with their purchase decision
  • We educate and advise you on new or coming innovations on the market

Ove Kjelby
Ove Kjelby
Sales Manager, eMobilitet

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Tailored eMobility solutions


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