eMobility Services for Charge Point Operators

Expand your networks, with reliable, well-dimensioned installation, certified maintenance, and remote monitoring of your networks.


Uptime and availability for CPOs

A strong partnership with an installation and service partner plays an important role in the success of a Charge Point Operator (CPO). Caverion experts work with different customers in many different countries, meaning you benefit from unique insights into what all CPOs really value and prioritise: the uptime and availability of your networks. Key elements for success include:

Selecting a partner who can deliver reliable charging services ensures that your network is available to end-users 24/7.

Charging networks operated by CPOs can extend throughout the country and often internationally, so having us as a partner capable of national service delivery, with a local workforce who understands the unique needs of the location, is of high importance.

That said, many CPOs have a need for the same service standards and methods even internationally, without requiring new processes or tools from each supplier; so uniform cross-border service is frequently highlighted as an important need by our partners. 

Ensuring that the charging equipment in your network is compatible with a range of EVs, charging standards, and protocols, means that your network is future-proof and scalable.

Installation and maintenance partners like Caverion who have the expertise and qualifications to install and maintain equipment from different equipment suppliers means that you can source your chargers from wherever you like, while relying on our experts to install, monitor, and maintain your equipment. 

By offering competitive pricing and cost-effective solutions, which are scalable for implementation in different locations, you are able to grow your network at high speed. 

This relates to more than just the price of the charging equipment, but we support you with the total cost of lifetime ownership including the the ongoing maintenance, repair, and upgrade costs.

Remote monitoring of the entire charging network, and the capability to respond to alerts and alarms, means that your network improves transparency. 

Ongoing support for your charging equipment and services improves uptime and availability. This means we provide technical support, training, and assistance with compliance and regulatory issues.

The eMobility market is rapidly changing, and staying at the forefront of the latest developments in EV charging technology is essential. 

We at Caverion continually explore, develop, and innovate charging solutions for all types of vehicles (such as passenger or service vehicles, vans, trucks, etc). This includes areas such as fast-charging technology, smart charging, wireless charging, and solutions integrating with other energy systems such as solar and batteries. 


Our most popular services for CPOs:

Turnkey Installations

Turnkey installations for chargers and charging stations handle everything from advising on energy or design needs, to the site survey, project plan, civil works and installation. It goes without saying that customers always know exactly what's going on (from the project phase through to maintenance or repairs) via a single, simple, app: Caverion SmartView

Remote Services

Our remote services ensure that the network is functioning properly and that you always have a single point of contact for all your needs. Many alarms can be handled without visting the location, but when necessary a technician can be sent quickly to perform maintenance or repairs, ensuring the charger is available and operational for its users.


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Ove Kjelby
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